Welcome to my homepage

I am an associate professor (tenured) at Aalto University, School of Electrical Engineering. I hold a Ph.D. (2002) degree in statistics from University of Jyvaskyla Finland as well as a D.Sc. (2010) degree in signal processing from Aalto University. I am also an adjunct professor in statistics of University of Oulu. For more details, see my bio or read my interview here.

My research interests lie in the intersection of the fields of statistical signal processing, high-dimensional statistics, and machine learning. One of my long-lasting interest has been robust multivariate statistics, and I have recently co-authored a text-book published by Cambridge University Press on this topic. I am an author or coauthor of over 90 papers in the top journals and conference in signal processing and statistics. If you are looking for a thesis advisor on these topics then please sent me an email.

At Aalto University, I am the director of the BSc major in Information Technology. If you are a student interested in this major, then do not hesitate to contact me.


  • On Dec. 18th, I am delivering a virtual seminar talk of DataIA institute of University of Paris-Saclay. Here are the slides of the talk or watch it at youtube:

  • We are organizing a special session, called Robust and High-Dimensional Statistical Learning for Signal Processing Applications at MLSP 2020. Hope to see you there!
  • On June 12th 2020, I acted as an opponent for a Modeling and Sampling of Spectrally Structured Signals by Filip Elvander from Lund University (Sweden) The thesis was excellent and the discussions lasted for 4hours.

  • On May 14th 2020, my doctoral student Muhammad Naveed Tabassum succesfully defended his thesis Sparsity Driven Statistical Learning for High-Dimensional Regression and Classification online via zoom. Many thanks for the thesis opponents, Profs Andreas Jakobsson and Christoph Mecklenbrauker.

  • Check out my tenured professors installation lecture learning from signals at youtube to find out what is a typical day of a signal processing data analyst!

  • I am organizing a special session on Robust Statistics for Signal Processing in CAMSAP'2019 at Guadeloupe, West Indies, Dec. 15-18, 2019. Hope to see you there!
  • My doctoral student Elias Raninen received the Nokia scholarship. Congratulations!

  • A post-doctoral fellow Ammar Mian just started in my group from Oct. 1st, 2019. Wellcome!
  • The 2nd edition of Finnish-French Statistical Learning for Signal and Image Processing, that I organized with my colleagues prof. Frederic Pascal and prof. Guillaume Ginolhac at Annecy in July 2019 was a big success, gathering roughly 50 participants from France and Finland.
    The programme and slides of the talks are available online. The 3rd edition of the workshop in now being planned.
  • I returned from my visit (June 8-15, 2019) at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, where I delivered a seminar talk on High-dimensional Covariance Matrix Estimation of Multiple Classes. Many thanks to Prof. Daniel P. Palomar for hosting.