Welcome to my homepage

Since June 2015, I have been working as an associate professor in the School of Electrical Engineering at Aalto University. I hold a Ph.D. (2002) degree in statistics from University of Jyvaskyla Finland as well as D.Sc. (2010) degree in signal processing from Aalto University. I am also an adjunct professor (statistics) of University of Oulu. For more details, see my bio or read my interview here.

My research interests lie in the intersection of the fields of statistical signal processing, high-dimensional statistics, and machine learning. One of my long-lasting interest has been robust multivariate statistics, and I have recently co-authored a text-book published by Cambridge University Press on this topic. I am an author or coauthor of roughly 80 papers in the top journals and conference in signal processing and statistics.

At Aalto University, I am the program director of the BSc program in Information Technology. If you are a student interested in this progam, then do not hesitate to contact me.