Unto K. Laine

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S-89.610 Speech Processing
S-89.610 Puheenkäsittely

The course is lectured in Finnish. Most of the course material is in English.
The course has been on my responsibility since 1983.

S-89.640 Methods of Speech Processing 2 cr P
S-89.640 Puheenkäsittelytekniikan metodit 2 ov L

This course was first time lectured in spring 2002.  The course is developed and driven by two professors: Paavo mAlku and Unto K. Laine.

Courses in the past

S-89.122 Signal Processors and Audio Signal Processing
(Signaaliprosessorit ja äänenkäsittely)

This course was grounded by Prof. Matti Karjalainen in 1980. Our laboratory was the first university labortory which started to study, use and teach DSP processors in Finland. During that time there was only one DSP processor on the market: Intel 2920. The next processor was NEC uPD7720 followed by Texas Instruments TMS32010 in 1982. This course was on my responsibility during 1984-2002.