Professor Matti Karjalainen
Address Helsinki University of Technology
Laboratory of Acoustics and
Audio Signal Processing

P.O. Box 3000
FIN-02015 HUT
Visiting address Otakaari 5 A, 02150 Espoo
Room SE 211
Phone +358-9-451 22490
Fax +358-9-460 224

Personal and professional history

Born: Hankasalmi, Finland, April 2, 1946.
M.Sc. (Dipl.Eng.): Tampere University of Technology, 1970 in Electrical Engineering
Lic. Tech. : Tampere University of Technology, 1974 in Electrical Engineering
PhD (Dr. Tech.): Tampere University of Technology, 1978 in Electrical Engineering
Associate professor: Helsinki University of Technology, 1980 in Acoustics
Docent: Tampere University of Technology, since 1982 in Speech Technology
Full professor: Helsinki University of Technology, since 1986 in Acoustics

Full list of publications
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Research profile (project leader and personal reasearch topics)

Speech synthesis projects (Finnish text-to-speech synthesis), 1973-80, 1987-90
Applications of speech technology to the disabled, 1974-80, 1987-89
Auditory modeling and its applications, 1981-86
Symbolic and knowledge-based signal processing, 1986-91
Programming environments for digital signal processing, 1980-82, 1986-
Speech recognition (Finnish), 1988-89, 1990-93
Applications of neural networks in speech, audio, and acoustics, 1990-
Speech database development (Finnish), 1992-
Modeling of spatial hearing and auralization, 1991-
Modeling of musical instruments and model-based sound synthesis, 1990-
Computer-based education in acoustics and signal processing, 1993-
Various other topics in acoustics, speech, signal processing, and music technology

Memberships in scientific organizations:

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)
Acoustical Society of America (ASA)
Audio Engineering Society (AES)
International Computer Music Assiciation (ICMA)
European Acoustics Association (EAA)
Acoustical Society of Finland (Chairman 1985-89 and 1991-94)
Finnish Artificial Intelligence Society
Electronic Engineering Society of Finland
Pattern Recognition Society of Finland
Biomedical Engineering Society of Finland