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Kalle Palomäki

Academy Research Fellow, Docent, D.Sc.(Tech)
Leader of the noise robust speech recognition team

Contact Information

Room G436 in Electrical Engineering building,
Otakaari 5, Otaniemi campus area, Espoo
Mail address:
Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering,
Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics,
P.O. Box 13000, FI-00076 Aalto, Finland
kalle.palomaki (at) aalto.fi
+358 50 430 1491


    My main research interest is in noise robust automatic speech recognition. Particularly I am interested in models that are inspired by human auditory system, missing feature methods, binaural models and methods based on sparse representations. One of the specific application areas has been reverberation robust speech recognition. Other recent interests include audio based retrieval and creativity. During my doctoral studies I have also conducted auditory brain research applying magnetoenchephalography. In the future I would like to build speech recognizers that are closer to human brains in neural networks and functions.

    Noise robust speech recognition team

    I am currently leader of Noise Robust Speech Recognition team and also a member of Speech Recognition Group. We are also members of the National Centre of Excellence in Computational Inference. My team members and alumni of the team are listed below.

    Team Alumni:


    For a full list, see my publications page. For citations see my Google Scholar page

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